Oscars To Nominate 10 Films For Best Picture This Year

Too bad you weren’t released last year, “Star Trek,” because the Best Picture Oscar is going to be twice as hard to win at the 2009 Academy Awards ceremony. From now on, 10 movies will be nominated for the Academy’s top nod. Why? So that any type of film—be it a drama, a comedy, a documentary, or a cartoon—has a better chance of being recognized for its greatness. This is something of a return to old Hollywood—from 1931 to 1943, anywhere from 8 to 12 movies battled it out for the statue.Studio executives are no doubt drinking champagne in their offices after hearing this news—now they’ll be able to slap “Nominated for Best Picture” on more movie posters and pack more people into movie theaters during Oscar season. But the president of the Academy, Sidney Ganis, explains that they didn’t even consult studios when considering this change. Instead, the additional five spots came about as the result of two annual post-Oscar night discussions, which include the academy voters and the event producers. At the gathering this year, there was a lot of debate about how box-office smash-hit and fan favorite “The Dark Knight” was dissed for a Best Picture nod because it wasn’t a “serious” flick. The Academy was worried that their taste and the taste of people who, uh, buy movie tickets, was drifting too far apart.

So what do you think—is this change amazing or totally wack? Should popularity be a consideration when handing out the statue for Best Picture? Oh, and I just had a thought—do you think a teen horror movie will ever get nominated? [NY Times]