Marlon Brando Was Jackie Kennedy’s Rebound

Sigh, now this is a celebrity rumor I love to hear. The forthcoming book Bobby & Jackie: A Love Story by C. David Heymann details the alleged affair between Jackie Kennedy and her brother-in-law Bobby. That’s not the good part. While researching his book, Heymann says he came across unpublished passages from Marlon Brando’s autobiography (which I have read and it is glorious) Songs My Mother Taught Me which reveal Brando had an affair with Jackie a year after John F. Kennedy was murdered. According to Heymann, Brando wrote:

“She kept waiting for me to try to get her into bed. When I failed to make a move, she took matters into her own hands and popped the magic question. ‘Would you like to spend the night?’ And I said, ‘I thought you’d never ask.'”

This gives me such a thrill, as Brando is my most favorite actor of all time, one of the five people I would invite to a dinner party if I could pick from anyone in the universe, and he reportedly was one of the best lovers, um, ever. Heymann says that after two times in the sack with Brando, Jackie was ready to move on. Did his lovemaking skills ease Jackie’s broken heart? I like to think so. [Hollywood Rag]