Girl Scouts Host First Ever Duct Tape Fashion Show

As a born and bred New Yorker, I never had the inclination to join the Girl Scouts and learn the necessary wilderness skills to survive the jungle otherwise known as Central Park. Just because I can’t figure out how to start a fire by rubbing rocks together and lack the super cute uniform does not mean I can’t appreciate Girl Scout Cookies. My addiction to thin mints is a real problem. If the cookies didn’t already earn my undying devotion for the Girl Scouts, then their first ever duct tape fashion show did. More info, after the jump…Oh yes, eight crafty gals ages 6-16 from the Girl Scout Senior Troop No. 722 hosted the Duct Tape Fashion Show for Scouts at Berea Elementary School. We are not talking about your average dumpy brown duct tape we have in our tool boxes. The color pallet was at least as bright as a box of crayons, or at least a box of Lucky Charms. Not only did the Scouts design full outfits, but also a collection of accessories, including hats, shoes, bags and poms-poms. I have no idea what inspired these budding designers, but man, are those looks stylish and fashion forward! The established older designers better watch their backs; these munchkins can bake, design and probably save the world. [Record Online]