DRAFT Chatter Boxes: What Women Op Ed Writers Are Saying This Week

Ever glanced at an op ed page and noticed that it’s bit of a boy’s club? Us, too. In fact, The Op Ed Project, which teaches women how to write and submit opinion pieces to newspapers, reports that 85 percent of op eds are written by men. While we do love us some guys, we want to show our support for female columnists, too. In Chatter Boxes, we’ll point you towards a few of the most thought-provoking.

This week, Gail Collins ruminated on Republicans and sex scandals

  • Gail Collins wrote about how all it takes these days to be a 2012 “potential presidential candidate” for the Republican Party is to be a senator without a sex scandal:

    The two biggest names [the Republicans float as candidates] are Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin, one of whom has too many ideas while the other has no ideas whatsoever. But they are bound by the fact that neither one of them is actually ever going to be nominated for president even if we have another Ice Age and the only Americans left alive are them, Dennis Kucinich and that woman who was Miss California until Donald Trump fired her. Gingrich’s romantic history makes Senator Ensign look like a monk….The Palin family, meanwhile, seems less likely to replace the Obamas in the White House than to replace the Gosselins on “Jon & Kate Plus Eight.” (Have we mentioned that Sarah’s new grandson is naked in GQ this month?) [New York Times]

    Geez, the Election Night Babies haven’t even been born yet. It’s rather premature to start talking about 2012.

  • William Saletan: