Boots Are Coming Out Of Their Summer Hibernation

We normally put away our boots in favor of flip-flops and sandals when summer comes, but ankle boots have made their presence known on red carpets of late, and we’re trying to decide whether we should keep our feet ensconced in leather for the next few months.

“There are certain women who are just over wearing dresses with delicate shoes,” designer Alexander Wang told The New York Times. “They enjoy the irony of pairing something heavy with something short and sexy.” I’m not sure if it’s really irony that makes women enjoy wearing tougher-looking ankle boots with dresses, or the nice juxtaposition of a pretty dress with badass boots. Or it might be because the temperature, at least in New York, has been so chilly lately that wearing truly summery shoes seems silly.

Are you into boots worn during the summer months, or is it akin to wearing a sleeveless turtleneck (which is to say, completely nonsensical)? [NY Times]