Being A Human Rubik’s Cube Has Never Looked So Good

“Boxy” isn’t a word often associated with looking good. It’s more the sort of thing my mom calls me on a chubby day or that one time I wore an oversized blazer and came out looking sort of like a cross between a school marm and a stripper about to get the show going. Anyway, I screwed the pooch on that one but recent Royal Academy of Fine Arts grad Irina Shaposhnikova got boxy right like you wouldn’t believe in her graduation fashion show.
Aside from being amazing in their own rite, her multi-faceted outfits (or should be call them sculptures?) stand out from the myriad of other avant garde options in that a lot of them are actually wearable. The black jacket on the left, for example, would be bitchin’ with a pencil skirt, trousers or even jeans and some mean pumps. The dress on the right, too, could be worn in public by an appropriately fashion-forward woman.

Now please excuse me while I go pine for this stuff and maybe cry a little. [Today and Tomorrow]