Want To Drop 12 Pounds?

Rent, don’t buy, ladies! Why is everyone always in such a huge rush to buy, buy, buy, anyway? It’s like once you own your own place you are one of the anointed few in adulthood. Well, a study out of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School will make you rethink your down-payment savings plan: Researchers found that women who own their home weigh 12 pounds more on average than women who rent. Huh, I would have thought the opposite, actually—you own a home, you want to make it extra purdy because, well, it’s all yours, so you spend loads of time mowing the lawn, painting, etcetera. The head lady on the study, Grace Wong Bucchianeri, an assistant professor of real estate, claims female homeowners “consistently report a higher level of pain—or what you might call negative feelings—connected to their home, and that’s after controlling for all kinds of demographic characteristics, their financial situation, how many children they have and so on.” She believes that homeowners don’t spend enough time exercising—but isn’t yard work and scrubbing that grimy, grody bathroom tile from the seventies considered exercise? The study is currently under review for publication in the Journal of Urban Economics, but you can check out the deets here. [Apartment Therapy and CanWest News Service]