Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Jennifer Aniston And Bradley Cooper Are Dating! Brangelina Hides The Twins!

Awww, sweet hump day. We’re not too far from the week’s finish line. And thanks to these tabloids, there are still many new celebrity rumors to distract you briefly from your real life. So worry about famous people, at least until we find out there was nothing to worry about tomorrow. This week’s Tabloid Cheat Sheet is below.

The National Enquirer says that the diaries Oprah’s kept religiously since the 1970s have gone missing. Word on the street is that she spills in them that she’s kinda gay for BFF Gayle King. Obviously, that would be awkward for her secret agent lover man since forever, Stedman Graham. They can’t spill Oprah’s secrets! Nothing can end her world domination. [NationalEnquirer]
Star claims that Jennifer Aniston and “The Hangover” star Bradley Cooper are totes dating! The two had a romantic Manhattan dinner where they were allegedly holding hands underneath the table and laughing loudly at each other’s jokes. Of course the tabloids are all “poor Jennifer,” but she bags the hottest guys, so she’s probably okay people! [Star]
Jon and Kate Gosselin announced their separation this week, and while Jon looked kind of un-phased, Kate seemed pretty bummed. She said to People, “On a good day, I feel relief. On a bad day, I feel failure.” This is just depressing. Let’s just give her a cougar dating show and incorporate the children somehow. Maybe as parting gifts? [People]
I guess Life & Style just noticed that Brad and Angelina’s twins haven’t been seen since January, while all the older kids travel with the power duo. According to L&S, the twins (who will turn one in mid-July) both have serious digestion problems. Apparently, baby Knox can’t keep his food down and Vivienne is allergic to everything. And we thought their genetic makeup was perfect. [Life&Style]