Sea Of Shoes Drowning In Unoriginality

We were excited (and a bit jealous) about 17-year-old fashion blogger Jane Aldridge’s Urban Outfitters shoe collaboration. Now the pictures are out and we’re just bored. So bored. The shoes aren’t particularly unattractive, but they’re essentially cheaper versions of shoes Jane owns, shoes we’ve already seen both designer and knockoff incarnations of. We weren’t expecting groundbreaking fashion genius from a teenager — regardless of how awesome her personal style is — but we were looking for a little more originality than this.

Case in point: chunky black gladiator sandals with gunmetal studs ($98). Why anyone would still be designing gladiator anything is beyond me, but these particular ones aren’t even among the coolest nicely priced knock offs we’ve seen.

The knee high brown boots with their laces, peep toe and buckles ($178) are a tad more interesting. And also a direct reference to two different versions of Anne Demeulmeester boots that Jane wears all the time.

As for the black lace up flats ($58), well, they don’t really even merit much attention at all, do they? Just looking at them gives me a maddening feeling of deja vu.