Quickies!: Daryl Hannah Arrested For Trying To Save The Environment

  • Daryl Hannah was arrested, along with 31 others, for protesting mountaintop removal mining in West Virginia. [PopEater] Finally, a celeb who was arrested for a good cause. Take a hint, Chris Brown.
  • Known for taking things to the extreme, Courtney Love is now extremely skinny. Her backless dress flaunted—or revealed—her bony frame. [Daily Mail] – But Courtney isn’t worried–she says she’s excited that she can finally fit into designer sizes. Sad.
  • Stop feeling bad for Leighton Meester—she most likely released her sex tape on purpose. Why on earth would she do that? Find out here. [Yahoo Shine]

  • Kate and Jon Gosselin weren’t separated for two years before filing divorce papers, despite some reports to the contrary. Kate was just hedging her no fault divorce bets. [TMZ] — Or maybe she was just trying to fuel more rumors, thereby, keeping her name and photo in the tabs.
  • I like ‘em tall, but a new study shows that dating a short dude is better for you—and the environment! [College Candy]
  • Take a peek into the closet of Sarah Dean, the woman behind the blog The Year of Living Thriftily. She “believes in the power of Spanx, that being overdressed is a good sign, and Diane Von Furstenberg is actually a sorceress with magical powers to make women look better.” [Lemondrop]