Oscar Winner May Be A Craigslist Rapist

Joseph Brooks, the guy who wrote “You Light Up My Life” and won an Oscar for it, is facing 82 counts of rape-related charges against 11 different women since 2005. He lured these young gals into his apartment by dangling the fame carrot in front of them—he’d have them sit on his “casting couch” and tell them to drink a lot of wine, because the part they were auditioning for was a wine-swilling prostitute. If they refused he’d whip out his…Oscar. Eventually, this nasty dude allegedly attacked and raped them. Not surprisingly, he picked up most of his victims via Craigslist, with an ad that claimed an Oscar-winner was looking for someone he could turn into a star. [NY Post]

Geez, what’s with all these guys using Craigslist for nefarious purposes? First, it was the Craigslist killer. Then there was that guy who posted on CL to find someone to rape his wife while he watched. Now this? Here are some tips for making sure you’re not responding to some twisted guy’s ad. Obviously, there are no guarantees. But, hey, it’s a start.

  • Ask yourself: “Why is this person using CL?” Doesn’t an Oscar-winner have the resources to cast gals in a more legit way?
  • If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. People don’t want to rent you an apartment in NYC for $100/month or give you your dream job if you’ve never worked in the field before. They could be after something else.
  • If you are looking for dates on CL, always voice verify before meeting the person, and make sure you have exchanged a bunch of e-mails. The more correspondence the person is willing to partake in, the better chance they are legit. People who want to meet right away are not to be trusted.
  • Whether you are buying a bookcase or interviewing for a job or even just hooking up, always meet the person in a busy, public area.
  • When the transaction involves money, meet in person and do it in cash. Do not exchange money any other way. Ever.
  • If you are meeting someone from CL, tell someone you trust where you are going and check in with them periodically.
  • Ads with raunchy pics should be avoided. Have some class people! On that note, we say stay away from the “casual encounters” section unless your goal in life is to get an STD.
  • If you want a massage, go to a masseuse. Peeps offering “massages” on CL really want to rub you down in a very different way.

Good luck and happy hunting!