My Life Is Average

Remember that site F My Life? (I do because my roommate still reads it obsessively, laughing to herself in the corner much like a psychopath.) For those of you who don’t remember, F My Life serves up bite-sized stories about the tragedy of every day life, as submitted (and often made up) by anyone and everyone in command of a computer and the English language. It’s kind of funny to read things like: “I ran into my crush of three years ago. We used to always walk our dogs together. He still remembered my dog’s name. He didn’t remember mine.” (Okay, really funny.) But after a while, the utter disappointment and failure of it all grows a bit old.

When that day arrives for you, direct your attention to My Life Is Average, online home to all things painfully mediocre and oddly entertaining. I suggest reading while completing some mundane task so as to magnify both the fact that you’re not alone in your toiling and also the possibility that things will be this way forever. Yay! [My Life Is Average]