Marilyn Manson Says He Wants To Beat Evan Rachel Wood With A Sledgehammer

I understand that some people despise their ex after a breakup. But Evan Rachel Wood better watch her back. In the new issue of Spin, Marilyn Manson gives a vivid account of how he cut himself with razor blades after their breakup. And he has this to say about Evan: “I have fantasies every day about smashing her skull with a sledgehammer.” Just a normal day in the Manson home…or the most despicable quote ever?
Here’s what I don’t get. Last week, when David Letterman told a few Palin daughter jokes, the media circus came out in full force. But Letterman was joking—I’m not so sure about Manson. And sure, some people might say that’s just him—he goes by the name Marilyn Manson, after all—but I just don’t know. This reminds me of when Hulk Hogan said in Rolling Stone, that after finding out former wife Linda was dating a teenager, “I totally understand O.J. I get it.” Or Eminem’s song “Kim,” dedicated to his ex-wife, where he sings, “Now shut the f**k up and get what’s comin to you…you were supposed to love me…now bleed! Bitch bleed!”

Geez, sometimes I wish guys would learn to cope with breakups by eating a pint of ice cream and watching a “Big Love” marathon. What do you think? Is it ever okay for guys to express violent thoughts like these about women?