iPhone Apps You Shouldn’t Be Without

I have to admit, before last night, I had never downloaded an app. I protested profusely against them for as long as I could, but now I find myself wanting to download more and more. (I went through the same routine with the iPhone, insisting that nothing could be more confusing and unnecessary than having a phone, iPod, and internet combined into one, but when I was given the device as a gift, I soon came to love, er, be obsessed with it.) So after spending years trying to find problems with Apple, I’m officially giving up. It turns out, not too surprisingly, that there are loads of apps out there that are anything but useless—they’re actually quite necessary. From toilet finders to bargain hunters, here are a few applications you should never be without! (The vibrating app didn’t make it on the list…that one still creeps me out.)

  • Drinks” – This app will ensure you are never sober on a Saturday night. It will keep you occupied with lists of the best mixed drinks, and if you type in the liquors and juices you have at home, it will give you personalized recipes! It’s great for girls night out (or in), and also for social drinkers who want to switch up their menus.
  • Sit or Squat” – This app is genius. It will help you find the nearest toilet, anywhere in the world. Just type in your location, and Sit or Squat will give you the address of the closest potty! You’ll never have to “hold it in” again.
  • Save Benjis” – See something you want to buy, but can’t afford? Just snap a picture of the item, and this app will search the internet for better prices. Now that is what I call smart shopping.
  • Call A Cab” – If you ever find yourself wandering the streets late at night, whip out this app to call a ride. Via iPhone GPS, the app will track your location, and give you the numbers of the closest cab companies. It’s great for traveling, getting out of scary situations, or just reaching your destination. And…it’s free!
  • Hornymeter” – The app supposedly reads your horniness by scanning your finger. Probably not very scientific, but possibly entertaining! For at least a few minutes…
  • Chanel” – I have never made a purchase at this store, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to indulge in a little sneak-peaking into the Chanel world. The free app allows you to view fashion show videos, browse trends and accessories, etc.
  • Fem Cal” – I still think it’s a little weird to track your cycles on your phone, but this app could be useful. Whether you’re trying to—or not to—get pregnant, this app will keep you on track when it comes to releasing eggs!