Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Gluten-Free Copyright Infringement

Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s new book The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide is supposed to help people with Celiac disease, like herself, eat well. Too bad she may have ripped the idea from someone else. Massachusetts-based author Susan Hasset is suing the “View” co-host for copyright infringement. Apparently Hasset, who can’t digest wheat either, sent Hasselbeck a copy of her book Living With Celiac Disease last April, along with a cooking video, a note, a business card, and a nice bundle of info. So is it just a coincidence that Hasselbeck’s book hit the shelves last month? [Fox News]In a letter sent to Hasselbeck and ABC, Hasset’s lawyer lays out a laundry list of similarities between the books, from chapter titles to actual quotes. Did he also point out that the two women also share the first syllable of their last name?

Meanwhile, Hasselbeck says that she didn’t steal the idea and her publisher, Hachette Book Group, released a statement saying that neither they nor Hasselbeck have yet to be “served with Hasset’s lawsuit” filed Monday in Boston. So we’ll have to sit back, eat some toast, and see how this how this gluten-free battle pans out.