The 16-Year-Old Girl Who Is Still A Baby

Turns out, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” might not have had the most ridiculous plot ever. One 16-year-old girl, who will be the focus of a TLC documentary airing in August, hasn’t aged since toddlerhood. She has three sisters ages 22, 19 and 13 who all grew up perfectly normal. But Brooke Greenberg is literally a fountain of youth—she’s 16, but still a baby. She’s survived numerous medical mishaps including stomach ulcers, a brain seizure, a stroke, and a brain tumor that caused her to sleep for 14 days before waking up, just fine. When she was younger, her parents gave her growth hormone therapy for six months, to no avail––Brooke didn’t gain a ounce or grow an inch. She can’t talk and still has her baby teeth. Doctor’s aren’t at all sure why Brooke hasn’t aged. While this kind of freaks me out, medical experts believe that her DNA could unlock the key to aging. I just can’t believe it took 16 years before the entire world heard about her story. [ABC News]