Florida: The Pedophile Teacher State?

It seems like I keep seeing more and more news about teacher/student affairs…especially ones involving female teachers and their young male students. As a former high school teacher, this whole scenario never gets less despicable and disgusting to me. I know first hand how close you can become with your students and how much testosterone teenage boys have. It’s outrageous. Were there a few awkward moments when 17-year-old boys hit me on at school dances? Yes. But seriously, when you are a teacher, you are entrusted with a serious duty—the safety and well being of your students. Every fiber of a non-psycho teacher’s being knows that crossing sexual boundaries is the weirdest, wrongest possible scenario. But it’s still happening. Especially in the state of Florida. Huh? A new Time article explores what seems to be an epidemic of incidences where female teachers bed male students in the Sunshine State. Why Florida? Their theory is weak…kind of waffling between blaming it on bikini culture and a lack of reporting in other places. My theories? (1) Humidity makes people crazy—the more humid it is, the more enticing it is to rip off clothing. (2) Florida’s the unofficial spring break state, where people go to get wild and crazy, and sometimes this effects people who live there all the time. (3) Um, the state is shaped like a penis. I’m kidding…mostly. But really there is no accurate way to quantify why Florida is a breeding ground (let’s hope not literally) for this disturbing trend. [Time]

Here is just a sampling of the female teacher/male student affair scandals in Florida. My head is hung in total shame for these women—for their unforgivably bad judgment and for their frizzy hair. (Damn humidity.)

  • Caliente! Palm Beach Spanish teacher Natalie Fraxedas admitted to having sex with an 18-year-old student last June, but Fraxedas may get away scot-free. Florida does not have a law against educators having consensual sex with an adult student. Umm, why not!? The two started out in “tutoring” sessions, then began flirty texting, which soon became sex at her place. And then came the crazy—this teacher became extremely possessive of the student, exhibited insane favoritism in her class, and even wrote him a three-page love letter about how she will “wait till May 18,” his graduation date. Yeah, I don’t think she was allowed at the ceremony. [Palm Beach Post]
  • Last October, Laura Pace, a teacher at Eustis High School in Lake County, was arrested for having sex with two 16-year-old students. The worst part: some students were not surprised when they found out. Pace is still employed by the school, but does not work in contact with students. [CFNews 13]
  • Debra Lafave makes the Hall of Shame for teachers who’ve had sex with students. Lafave, a middle school teacher in Tampa, Florida, was arrested back in 2004 and accused of having sex with a 14-year-old student in her home and in her classroom. And in an SUV while the kid’s cousin drove? Seriously sick and twisted. What’s worse is that the charges were dropped in 2006. Lafave told reporters she was getting treatment for bipolar disease. How about don’t-have-sex-with-students treatment? [Buzzle]
  • Cynthia Horvath got around. The Warner Christian Academy teacher was arrested last October for having sex multiple times in multiple places with a 17-year-old student. The fact that Horvath herself has a 17-year-old son is gross enough, but she and her boytoy took their show on the road getting it on in her car and sexing themselves silly in various parking lots, hotels, and even once under a bridge. [WFTV]

So what do you think? Is there something about Florida that promotes this inexcusable behavior?