Twilight’s Edward Cullen Ruins Guys’ Chances With Girls

According to one writer, Edward Cullen, the moody heartthrob of “Twilight” (in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so), has ruined, just ruined the chances of young men when it comes to wooing their female counterparts. Ergo, Lydia Netzer lists “Ten Ways ‘Twilight’ Has Ruined a Generation of High School Girlfriends.” Apparently, Cullen’s sullen, pouty ways, heroic casualness, and come-here-go-away dating vibe has won the hearts of teen girls but destroyed the likelihood of teen boys scoring with them. “It used to be hard to get a date in high school,” Netzer writes. “Now, thanks to Twilight, it’s got to be damn near impossible.” With Mr. Vampire acting so awesome, Regular Dudes are sure to fail the Cullen-inspired expectations of their prospective girlfriends.

How so?

“He can save you from speeding SUVs and vampires and thugs without sweating. If a real boy saved you from a thug he’d probably rehash the whole event in front of his friends forty times, but Edward just wanders off.”

“When he’s being cryptic, and you push him to explain himself, it just makes him like you *even more.* Real boys tend to have to get off the phone when this happens.”

“When he’s moody, it’s because he wants to eat people, not because he’s about to break up with you.”

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