Check This Out: Gets A Job

Imagine a world where all public figures—regardless of whether they are real or not—got their just dues by landing themselves new jobs. That’s the goal of, a comedic cartoon blog by Aaron Bowersock, that imagines celebs and historic figures in such scenarios. In “Ariel (the Little Mermaid) gets a job as a stripper,” you see the red-headed Disney character struggling to mount a pole while two onlookers ask, “Should we be worried that she’s only sixteen?” “Nah, dude. She’s half-fish. It’s already pretty f**ked up.” Some other classics include the “The Hamburglar gets a job as a high school career adviser,” “The Terminator gets a job as an elderly-assistance robot,” and “Michael Vick gets a job as an activist.” We can’t help but wonder what Aaron would dream up for us…A Frisky blogger gets a job as….? Suggestions? Click after the jump to see a few others… [Gets A Job]

Edward Cullen gets a job as a Taco Bell spokesperson
Bella: Lettuce… cheese… tortillas….
Edward: Say it outloud.
Bella: Soft-shell tacos!
Edward: Are you afraid?

Maury Povich gets a job as a urologist
Maury: You DO have erectile dysfunction!
Girlfriend: That’s right! I told you, you punk bitch!

Lil’ Wayne gets a job in Harry Potter
Harry: Stay behind me! A troll approaches!
Lil’ Wayne: It’s Weezy, baby!