Body Politics: Sex Statues Cause Controversy In Berlin

Creator of the infamous Body Worlds exhibitions, anatomist Gunther “Doctor Death” von Hagens, is the shock jock of dead peeps. While much controversy surrounded his displays with skinned corpses riding bikes and playing chess, his new show has an even more scandalous, ahem, position. In his most recent exhibit in Berlin, “Life Cycle,” there is a scene of two people having sex, reverse cowgirl style. But has he finally pushed things too far?
A group of German MP’s, across party lines, have called for the sexy cadavers to be removed. Kai Wegner, a rep for the Christian Democratic Union said, “I am firmly convinced that he just breaks taboos again and again in order to make money. It is not about medicine or scientific progress. It is marketing and money-making pure and simple.”

However, von Hagens argues that both bodies involved signed contracts while they were living to give him the legal rights to make them look like they’re humping their way through eternity. In fact, all of his models sign waivers while they’re alive so there is no question that they want him to us his special plasticization preserving technique on them. But does that give him cadaver cart blanche? It seems nearly every move he makes, from publicly dissecting a person in Britain to charging an entrance fee to watch him plasticize people, has cause an uproar.

Is this going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and will he be forced to fold under the pressure and take down the fornicating bodies? Or is this public debate all part of his plan? As von Hagens himself says, “An anatomical exposition without publicity is like a theatre without a program.” [Trend Hunter]