What Was Your Worst “Crazy Bitch” Moment?

Kate Moss, crazy bitch. Recently, when the model got in a big ol’ fight with boyfriend Jamie Hince recently, she threw his laptop in the pool in a rage. Six songs that were recorded for The Kills’ (that’s Hince’s band) forthcoming record were stored on the laptop — and they weren’t backed up anywhere else. Kate was able to grovel and plead for Hince’s forgiveness — who knows about the rest of the band. This reminds me of the time Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes from TLC (she’s now deceased) set fire to her athlete boyfriend’s shoe collection in a fiberglass bathtub which caused his entire house to catch fire and burn down. The lesson? Think twice before acting like a crazy bitch. The damage can be more than intended. I’ve already told you about that one time I pushed a guy I was in love with into (slow-moving) traffic because he didn’t love me back. No damage was done, luckily, but I do not recommend. After the jump, some real women share their worst “crazy bitch” moments.

Several years ago, I was dating a guy who was cheating on me. I happened to be at his apartment (and he wasn’t) when I found out. I went a bit crazy, knocking over some plants so the soil got everywhere and tipping over furniture. And then I did the worst thing you could ever do to a guy: I hid his remote. The guy couldn’t find it for three months!

I found out I guy I was seeing on and off for a year was sleeping with a so called mutual friend of mine. That didn’t sit well with me. I was young (19 at the time) and quite immature. So, I went to his house to confront him. Things got heated… I ended up punching him in the face….oops! That’s not the bad part. I was good friends w/ his twin brother, so I told him what happened. He told me to come over – yeah, I slept with him. Revenge sex. It was pretty damn awesome and I don’t feel like a whore at all. And to this very day I will rub it in his face that his brother is a better lay then he will ever be!

I let my friends come in an steal his expensive marc jacobs clothes, scratched his new “Grand Theft Auto” game disc and threatened to send an email to his boss telling him that he told me that he wanted to quit. He had to call my mother to stop the insanity.

In high school I keyed my boyfriend’s car after I found out he cheated on me. Not that his car wasn’t already a piece of crap — he didn’t notice for weeks, at which point I’d forgiven him and had to do my share of grovelling.

I emailed the girlfriend of the guy who was cheating on her with me—at her work email, on a Monday morning—and told her EVERYTHING.

Blogged about him. Obviously.

I’m sure this is common, but I figured out his email password and devoured emails between him and the chick he was having an emotional affair with/ultimately physically cheated on me with. I felt like the craziest bitch on the planet during that very dark time. Not only do I still feel bad about it, it was some painful s**t that I really didn’t want to know. My advice is it’s a great way to totally torture yourself. Also, I think it’s illegal? Yikes.

I kicked a boyfriend in the balls once. Oh and I dumped a beer on another boyfriend’s lap at a bar when we got in a fight.