This Is What A Woman With Five Husbands Looks Like

While we struggle to get men to commit to one date, an Irish woman has managed to bag four husbands by age 23, five by 31. Sure, the courts are calling her a “very predatory female,” but we would like to take this moment to congratulate this totally average looking chick on suckering marrying so many men. How does she do it? Is it just the luck of the Irish? Is it her resemblance to Keanu Reeves in “The Matrix?” Find out her story after the jump!

Man-eater Emily Horne wed her first husband, high school sweetheart Paul Rugby, the day after she turned 18 in 1996. Then, she began working as what they call a “glamour model” in the U.K. (Translation: low budget porn star.) Her stage name was “Amileannya Carmichael,” but that’s easier to say than navigating the tangled love web she’s woven. Her first husband, Paul, loved their wild sex life in which he indulged her penchant for random public freaky-deaky. But while hubby #1 was away for five months serving in the Royal Irish Regiment, Emily started letting a banker make deposits — in her.

When Mr. Rigby returned from his tour of duty, he found someone else was doing his dirty job in the bedroom. But her new beau, Sean Cunningham, still decided to get hitched and Emily Horne married husband number two.

Sean should have known she was slick after putting him in that situation, but alas, right under his nose, she started screwing his best buddy, Simon Thorpe. While Simon proposed, Emily refused his desire to get married in a Church, for obvious reasons, and the pair split up.

But it didn’t take this clam too long before she snapped up husband number three, web designer Chris Barrett, in 2000. After three weddings and some totally top notch police work, the authorities were onto her. Nothing gets passed them! In 2001, they issued her a warning — pick one or else!

Emily & Chris At Their Wedding

So, Emily Horne left hubby #3 after only three months. But don’t cry for her — she wound up meeting #4, railroad man James Matthews, on a train while she was on the run. The black magic woman was married to Jim within a month, swearing she was divorced. Although the trick worked, she couldn’t keep it in her pants. A week after the wedding, #4 found out she was cheating on him with his best friend, Ross Beech. That’s when Mr. Matthews called the police and got her busted… well, even more busted. In 2004, Emily was found guilty of marrying under fake names and was sentenced to six months in prison for three counts of bigamy.

Dang! Although she did the crime and served her time, she still didn’t get those divorces. As we all know, history repeats itself. And though it took her nearly three years or 36 times the amount of time it took her to find hubby #5, Emily finally met Ashley Baker. But she saved something really kinky for their honeymoon. While they were on their way to vacay in Scotland, she dropped the bombshell about her bigamist ways. Poor, unwitting Ashley turned her into the authorities immediately.

Now, Emily Horne is facing up to seven years in jail as she stands trial this week. Good luck to her? We’re not sure she needs it. Although we don’t endorse her methods, even we Frisky experts would like to hear her relationship advice on how to get a man to put a ring on it! So, Emily if you find yourself having a lot of free time soon, call us! [Daily Mail]