Speidi Haters Vote The Couple Off E! And Others We Want To Disappear

heidi spencer pratt 062309 splash g14 jpg
Fans of “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” didn’t get the opportunity to control Heidi and Spencer Pratt’s destiny. But E! viewers did. More than 94 percent of the network’s audience voted to expel the fame-whoring couple from E! altogether. Seriously. Don’t even expect E! to discuss their takeover of the “I’m a Celebrity” reunion special Wednesday — unless — there’s some real news, like that she’s pregnant, he falls off a cliff, or her album makes it to No. 1. Well, none of those events seem likely. [E! Online]

Oh, but there are so many other annoying personalities we wish we could vote off TV, the internet, and tabloids. Here’s who we’d get rid of without a second thought.

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