Robert Pattinson Is A Worthy Cause, Say Petitioners

Back in March we told you Robert Pattinson has a problem with body odor. We took a lot of flack from his fans for that little mention in “Quickies,” even though we were reporting the truth. Well, now the fans are complaining about the hottie’s B.O. too. Eighty-nine people have signed the “Please Wash Your Hair, Robert Pattinson” petition so far, and another set of fans have signed the “Petition to get Robert Pattinson to take a bath!!! Who’s with me?” But there have been more positive petitions regarding Rob Patz. More than 5,000 people want him to host “Saturday Night Live,” at least one person wants him to use his British accent in “New Moon,” and several hope he’ll make an appearance in Tampa, Kansas City, and Australia. There’s no word yet whether any of these petitions have been successful, but one thing’s for sure, Robert’s celebrity will grow every day as long as he stars in the “Twilight” saga. [E! Online]