Prince William And Prince Harry (Or “Baldy and Ginger”) Are Roomies!

Prince William and Prince Harry, or as the U.K. Daily Express calls them, “Baldy and Ginger,” are doing flight training together in Shropshire, which sounds suspiciously like “Hobbit” territory to me. William is training to become a search and rescue pilot, while Harry will fly attack helicopters and recently spent ten weeks serving in Afghanistan. The two are now roommates for what Harry calls, “the first and last time we will be living together.” [Hello Magazine]

Of course, being hot young princeys, they’re always up to no good and enjoy many topless pillow fights. No, but seriously, how cute is it that they have to live together and take care of each other and give each other sponge baths? Okay, so I’m being wildly inappropriate, but here are their latest royal ramblings on the subject. Even though they are young royals, the boys are still risking their lives for their country and don’t expect royal treatment. As William says, “I didn’t join the forces to be mollycoddled…As far as I’m concerned, in my eyes, if Harry can do it, then I can do it…As future head of the armed forces, it’s really important you at least get the opportunity to be credible and to do the job that I signed up for…I mean, that’s all I ever wanted.”

I would mollycoddle the hell out of that boy, but according to the interview, it’s Prince Harry who needs to be taken care of. “I cook, I feed him every day,” says William, who’s the mother bear of the house. “Harry does do the washing up, but then he leaves most of it in the sink. I come back in the morning and have to wash up [again].” Oh, and evidently Prince Harry snores. “He keeps me up all night long,” says William.

“Oh, God, they’ll think we share a bed!” Harry responded. “We’re brothers not lovers!”

The two obviously like to poke fun at each other—like when Harry says that William is brainier but balder than he is. William replies: “That’s very rich coming from a ginger!”

Why can’t this be a reality show?!? Pleeeeaase? [CelebBitchy]