Who Wants To Go To Makeover Camp?

Here is a vom-tastic way to spend a summer for you: Makeover Camp. After watching a 13-year-old girl make a very ladylike impression on guests at a reception she attended in Paris, concert pianist Wonny Song decided to start this camp, which is like finishing school condensed into two weeks. That’s right, you can send your little loved one—any between the ages of 10 and 14—to a camp where “they will learn to improve their posture, voice, table manners, conversation skills, wardrobe choices, makeup application, hostessing skills and music appreciation.”
The camp is trying to avoid the anti-feminist label by claiming they tried to recruit boys, but there was zero percent interest. Shocker. Additionally, Wong is declaring that while these skills may have been used in the past to teach women how to become wives, today these skills are “power tools for girls” to get ahead as professionals. Say what you will, Ms. Wong, but when I hear the phrase “Makeover Camp,” I don’t really hear the buzzing of the next wave of feminism. [Mom Logic]