Look At This F**king Book Deal!

Okay, so I know I’ve spent many hours gawking at my favorite feel-good blog, Look At This F**king Hipster, a collection of photos of hipster culture at its most annoying. After living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Los Feliz in Los Angeles—both hipster meccas—I know first hand that this blog hits the nail on the head about “overly intentional, overly ironic, overly vapid” culture. There’s something about seeing a dude with a handlebar mustache and waist-length stringy hair in a Furby costume that makes me feel better about my own life. Well, the genius behind the blog has finally decided to reveal his identity. Drumroll…it’s comedian/writer Joe Mande of the Upright Citizens Brigade. His irreverent blog has now scored him a book deal for what I’m thinking could be the funniest coffee table book ever. LATFH The Book—complete with oodles of ridonculous photos—is due out next spring. My imagination is already running wild. “Once upon a time, I was invited to an ugly sweater party in Williamsburg…” Seriously, I can’t wait. [Gawker]

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