Jiggly Jewels Win Jell-O Competition

Hipsters came out in force last weekend to participate in a Jell-O mold competition in Brooklyn (despite the group’s penchant for veganism). These attractive jewel varieties took home the prize. Duo Kandice Levero and Julia Greene called their creation “Jell-O Cocktail Trumpery,” a collection of bright colored gems encased in gold-dusted settings. Some of the stones stood alone, massive hunks of mint green, dark purple, and translucent orange resting atop cocktail glasses. The team also molded orange and lime green teardrops (that look crazily like real semiprecious stones) set in gold and attached to necklace chains. Bill Cosby, eat your heart out.

Check out a few more Jell-O shots (har, har) after the jump. [Eat Me Daily]