Have You Ever Shoplifted?

This statistic absolutely blew me away: according to the Guardian, women in the U.K. are nine times more likely than men to shoplift. And they’re good at it, as only one in 48 shoplifters gets caught!

Why is it that shoplifting is such a female-heavy crime? Is it because shoplifting is criminal, but not aggressive, which could be an attribute women want to avoid? Or is it because women earn less money than men do so we’re trying to make up for what we can’t afford to buy?Even more so than their reasons, the items women shoplift are the most fascinating to me. The Guardian spoke with five female shoplifters and they came from all different places in life. One woman told the paper how she had an eating disorder and shoplifted a cheesecake and whole lobster; another stole a pair of shoes.

What’s interesting, though, is that even getting caught by shop clerks didn’t worry them. Crossing a moral line which seemed to exist only in their minds—in one case, a woman realized her young son understood she stole things—deterred their thieving.—[The Guardian UK]

I nosed around the Frisky offices and only one woman ‘fessed up to stealing a $5 ring once when she didn’t want to wait in line at a store. But there’s got to be some other shoplifting stories out there. ‘Fess up, folks. Have you ever shoplifted anything? And what happened when you got caught?