Guys Get (Even) Dumber When They Talk To Chicks

Well, ladies if you ever had any doubt that women are higher up on the food chain than men, you can lay your skepticism to rest. A new study shows that men get dumber when they talk to females. Dutch psychologists had guys and gals talk to peeps of the same and opposite sex, then quizzed them with word games. Women’s intelligence remained unchanged, no matter who they talked to. But dudes were all good only if they talked to other men. When they talked to gals, afterwards they were just, well, stupid. The hotter the chick, the dumber the dude. Ah, now I understand why that guy at the club the other night blurted out that he was a drug dealer after I said “hi” to him. Tell us about some of your experiences that you understand better now that you’ve read this study. [Asylum]