Drew Barrymore Took Little Edie’s Style Lessons To Heart

While she was doing press and attending premieres for the HBO film “Grey Gardens,” Drew Barrymore looked amazing. At the various premieres, her style was completely different, yet she nailed it every time. And then her style (or stylist) went on hiatus. When Drew first wore a crazypants outfit in public back in mid-May, we thought she was on her way to an ’80s-themed skating party. But then it continued.

For the past few weeks, Drew has been showing up in public wearing outfits that are outrageous, even for her. Her clothing choices have included a dress that resembles a plaid blanket, strangely placed eyeliner, a diaper-like skirt, and repeated appearances of warpaint makeup.What’s going on with Drew? We think she got into Edie Beale’s head a little too much. Drew has been finding alternative uses for various articles of clothing and wearing the same thing over and over (warpaint and tie-dyed leggings), proving herself to be a modern day Little Edie. If she starts wearing shirts as skirts, we’re going to be really worried.