Copycat Hair: How To Get Kim Kardashian’s Fake Bob

bob spl g1 jpg
Kim Kardashian recently did the red carpet thing with a chic little bob—and she didn’t chop even an inch off her hair to get it. It’s a faux-bob and long-haired celebs have been rocking the look for the past year or so, Kim’s just the latest in a long line. Kinda sorta want to try it out on yourself? It’s not insanely hard, actually…

Step #1 Start with sorta dirty hair (unwashed hair is the key to pretty much every up-’do because the second-day oil equal major texture and lots for hair pins to cling on to). If you’ve got stick straight hair, drag out the curling iron (or curl your hair in rollers if you got ‘em) and wind random sections around the barrel of a one inch or larger iron. The more haphazard the better. Keep clicking for more faux-bobs and additional instructions.

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