Does Chris Brown’s Punishment Fit The Crime?

On Monday, before his preliminary hearing even started, Chris Brown plead guilty to one count of felony assault. He won’t be sentenced until August 5, but according to the plea deal it looks like he’s going to be on probation for 5 years and will have to do 6 months of community service. Meaning, he’ll be scrubbing graffitti or picking up garbage on the side of the road for approximately 1,400 hours. The judge told Rihanna and Chris to stay at least 50 yards away from each other unless they are at an event, in which case their separation distance must be 10 yards. This goes both ways, so if Rihanna gets too close to Chris, she could get in trouble. But she already knows that getting close to Chris is a dangerous proposition. When this whole incident first went down, people reacted with appropriate anger—several companies dropped Chris Brown’s endorsements like a hot potato and radio stations threw out his records. But now, the tune seems to have changed. Considering that Chris was originally charged with two felonies and could have faced close to 6 years in prison, I’d say he got off easy. Everyone, including the judge, seem to be forgetting what Chris actually did. Remember: he repeatedly punched Rihanna in the face, threatened to kill her, put her in a headlock, and even bit her. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg seemed to be suffering from some sort of amnesia when she said, “I think it’s commendable you took responsibility for your conduct.”

Took responsibility? He had no choice but to go to court! What kind of example is this setting for dudes? That it’s okay to beat up your girlfriend as long as you apologize afterwards? This is not enough punishment for a man who blacked his girlfriend’s face so badly she was hardly recognizable. But that’s just my opinion. Do you think justice was served here? [AP via Yahoo]