Brits Thought Federer’s Outfit Was Silly, We’ve Seen Worse

federer gold 062309 jpg
Roger Federer and the gold lame-trimmed white tennis suit he wore at Wimbledon received a lot of flack in the Brit press this week. The Telegraph even felt compelled to mention the sartorial misstep twice, once in an article about Wimbledon as a whole and a second time in a “what the eff was he thinking?” Federer-specific post. [The Cut]

We’re willing to look past Federer’s lovely looks and mad tennis skills for a moment and acknowledge that, yes, the military-inspired, Broadway-ready outfit may not have been the most amazing choice. But when it comes down to it, we’ve seen a hell of a lot worse. Check out far more offensive tennis court missteps after the jump.

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