Album Drop: The Latest From Regina Spektor, Deer Tick, Dinosaur Jr., And The Mars Volta

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means. It’s new record release time! This week, Dinosaur Jr. farms some fresh produce, Regina Spektor takes an adult naptime, Deer Tick stings our heart, The Mars Volta strips down, and God Help The Girl saves musicals.

Dinosaur Jr., Farm
Even if you’re city girl, this is a Farm you could def spend the rest of your life on. Arguably the indie rock band’s most catchy pop record, the bitchin’ guitar tempered with sweet choruses will have you nodding along. Yes, Dino Jr. is all grown up and still knows how to do it…even on skateboards.

Regina Spektor, Far
For her fifth album, Regina has made a clean record of piano girl ballads about everything from God to having the perfect body. Her frilly anti-folk songs make it seem like this is the new record Tori Amos should have made. Although it’s not hugely note-worthy, it does deserve the distinction of worst cover art of 2009.

Deer Tick, Born On Flag Day
Bein’ born on the Fourth of July makes you a fighter. However, being Born on Flag Day makes the perfect soundtrack for kicking back in a recliner with a cold one. This is country music sung by a strained froggy-rock voice. The success of Deer Tick’s debut record is a tough act to follow, but these tunes for loners still standout.

God Help the Girl, God Help the Girl
The lead singer/songwriter of Belle and Sebastian, Stuart Murdoch, paused his usual ensemble work to focus on a modern musical about a rad girl who “isn’t looking for a boyfriend.” After combing the internets for a perfect heroine, he found Scottish songbird, Catherine Ireton. Her Karen Carpenter-esque vocals are the perfect match for the orchestrated swingin’ ‘60s tunes. Tracks like the modern romantic duet “Perfection As A Hipster” and the angelical “Come Monday Night” will have even showtunes haters, like myself, hailing this record.

Mars Volta, Octahedron
Prog-rockers, the Mars Volta, are back with another record that will blow your mind with a strange string of noises and vocals. Have you had to much to drink, or is that really is an alien singing? Who knows. With a Grammy behind them, the band stripped down their sound and lightened up, but they still summon the awesome.