Cue Jealousy: 17-Year-Old Fashion Blogger To Design Line For Urban Outfitters

When you were a teen, you were lucky if your claim to fame was getting the lead in the school play or a profile in your local newspaper. Oh, how times have changed, especially for Jane Aldridge, the 17-year-old blogger behind the fashion site, Sea of Shoes, who was asked to collaborate with Urban Outfitters to design a line of, duh, shoes. Sea of Shoes by Jane will hit stores in July with three pairs, followed by another three for a winter collection in December. No word yet on what they’ll look like, but guesses are leaning towards something edgy and high-fashion, as Jane’s favorite designers include the likes of YSL and Martin Margiela. Jane is already the enviable type—her blog shows pictures of her in an incredible (and expensive) wardrobe, as well as traveling the world with her equally gorgeous former-model-mother. Oh, and she’s been featured in Teen Vogue twice. We’re furiously jealous of her awesome life, but won’t be so stuck up as to ignore her line once it comes out. In fact, we’ll probably buy the whole collection. Imitation, you know, is the sincerest form of flattery. [BlackBook]