Where Celebs Go On Vacay

It’s a tough life being a celeb. You have to live in a palace in the constantly glorious LA sun. You have to dress in free designer garb for fabulous parties. You have to hangout with other Hollywood hotties. You might even have to *gasp* work every few months. It’s a rough life, but someone has to do it. All teasing aside, some celebs do have very demanding work schedules and devote their free time to charity. I said some celebs. Whether they deserve a holiday or not, it seems as if every A-list and D-list celeb is off on vacay this week. Here is a list of where those lucky ducks are paddling about and having fun in the sun. Audrina Partridge Mexico
Amy Winehouse St. Lucia
Katie Price Ibiza
Tori Spelling Hawaii
Edie Murphy Hawaii
Coleen Rooney Barbados
Naomi Watts Tel Aviv
Jake Gyllenhal Paris
Gary Sinise Hawaii