There Comes A Time When Every Man Has To Grow Up

Yesterday, my friend George* told me about an argument he had with his best friend Elliott. Elliott recently uploaded photos of his killer abs to a social networking site, so he was contacted by several women trying to hookup with him. And the other night, he was eager to meet one of these women. The only problem is he lives with the mother of his son, even though they’re not together, so he couldn’t bring the woman home. This is where George enters the picture. Elliott, who is in his 30s, not only expected George to turn his living room into a hot-sheet motel for the night, but also to pick him and the woman up, separately, because Elliott doesn’t drive. George didn’t give in to his demands. This scenario went way beyond what is expected in a bromance. But it made me think about how friends can outgrow each other. These guys have been besties since college, but their lives have definitely taken different paths. Elliott is more interested in hustling music and staying as far away from a 9-to-5 as possible, whereas, George has a full-time job and produces music and DJs on the side.

Whenever Elliott makes these kinds of demands or assumes George is cool with his latest get-booty-plan, I just wonder whether he’ll ever grow the eff up, and realize this isn’t how adults do things. It’s like he’s still in high school. What exactly will it take George to unfriend this guy?

I also wonder about the woman who is cool with f**king a virtual stranger in the home of another stranger. Obviously, she isn’t a high caliber catch.

And to think, this whole argument could have been avoided if Elliott wasn’t so cheap and went to an hourly-rate motel.

*All names have been changed.