The iPorn Girls Come Out To Play, Plus Other Strange iThings.

iporngirls jpg
I hope you weren’t one of the hundreds of people standing outside an Apple store this weekend waiting to buy the new iPhone. But those iFanatics were not the only ones to cause a scene. A carriage full of iPorn girls rolled up and entertained those waiting outside during the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco where the new iPhone was on display earlier this month. Clad in skimpy black and metal bikinis, the geek-loving hotties flirted and took pictures to promote the new iPhone app, iPorn—an iPhone-friendly site boasting free “hardcore” videos. I cannot wait; this app will go great with my iBeer, iFart, iJiggles and CowToss apps. Lovely.

Obviously the whole iPhenomenon has spread to more than just apps; there are no so many iProducts out there that it’s hard to keep track. Check out the most entertaining after the jump.

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