Q&A: Theory’s Istvan Francer On Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

Theory is synonymous with impeccably fitted items that have a look that is fashion-y, but at the same time simple and clean. Keeping in mind Theory’s emphasis on fit, quality and polished/chic look, I asked Theory’s Women’s Design Director Istvan Francer a few questions on how to wear this spring/summer’s hottest looks. The Frisky: What look/trend did we wear last summer that we should not wear this summer? Were there any one hit wonders that should be kept in the back of the closet for another year/never again?

Istvan Francer: We don’t believe in trends as much as we believe in style. For that reason last year’s styles are still valid depending on how one puts it together.

The Frisky: Many women are shopping on a strict need-to-buy-or-die budget. What items do we need for spring/summer that we do not already have lying somewhere in our closets (should we ever get to cleaning them out)? What are the major new silhouettes, shapes or accessory that I do not yet own?

IF: Boyfriend jacket, slouchy pants, loose tank, and rolled up shorts.

The Frisky: Which looks are going to be around for a while? What should we buying for future summers and transition seasons?

IF: I think the items I mentioned above are pieces worth investing in. I also think pieces with volume are important.

The Frisky: The dresses, skirts, shorts and pants for this spring/summer have varied and new lengths. What length do you recommend for a woman in her 20’s or 30’s?

IF: Every woman needs to be in touch with her body and decide what works for her accordingly. Somebody with great legs should show them. Fashion is very liberal these days, and I don’t believe in strict rules. It all depends on the body type, age and the way the woman wants to represent herself.

The Frisky: I have noticed that everyone from the models in the magazines to women on the street are suddenly wearing shirts tucked into skirts. Are the high waist lines of this season’s skirts and shorts the reason? Is this the “look” and if it is, is it flattering on all body types or should it only be attempted by the tiny-of-waist?

IF: If you are wearing something high-waisted, you should tuck your top in, and if you don’t have a slim waist you might want to reconsider wearing those things.

The Frisky: Every trend can go wrong when taken to the extreme, but spring and summer’s bright colors seem like especially dangerous territory. What is the best way to wear brights without looking like a parrot?

IF: If one wants to be on the safe side, they can pair the bright colors with black, white, or any other neutral like grey, khaki, etcetera.

The Frisky: Everything nowadays is belted. Some are big and some are skinny. Some are bright and some are neutral. Some sit high on the waist and some sit low on the hips. Sometimes they are worn alone and sometimes three are worn at once. Are there any rules or things to avoid when it comes to belting?

IF: There are no rules, it’s all about the silhouette you want to achieve.

The Frisky: Your current “Featured Look” is the Skinny Silhouette. Is there such a thing as a too skinny silhouette? Should a girl avoid a skinny silhouette on parts of her body she is not comfortable with?

IF: Absolutely, no one should ever be uncomfortable in their clothes.

The Frisky: As you say on your website, “Theory is a phenomenon that spun out of great fitting pants.” What is the one pair of pants every woman must have and what should we look for the in the fit? How can we look beyond the size tag to see how pants should fit?

IF: We have three important fits: the stovepipe, the bootcut and the slouchy tapered. A good fit obviously incorporates comfort but also makes the wearer feel tall, sexy and confident.

The Frisky: What is the most important piece of fashion advice you can give to a fashion conscious woman?

IF: The best dressed women are never trendy, they are stylish. They know what works for them and they know what doesn’t. To feel confident is much more than having trendy items, it’s knowing oneself.