Students Walk Out When Headmaster Says Girls’ Skirts Are Too Short

About 100 high school students in the U.K. used Facebook to stage a walkout from class Friday after the headmaster threatened a ban on skirts due to ever-shortening hemlines.

“Since half-term, the skirts have got ridiculously short,” headmaster Jane Holland wrote in a letter to the governors of Upton-by-Chester High School in Chester. “The skirts are too revealing especially on staircases. It’s not appropriate for the time and the place.” Holland said at least one male member of staff reported to her that he “averts his gaze” while walking up stairs and employees don’t feel “comfortable.” She recommended to the school governors to institute a dress code recommending all girls wear pants to school starting in September.

This isn’t the first time Headmaster Holland has taken her female students’ legs into her own hands: the Guardian reports that since October, the school has sent letters home to parents complaining about hemlines and requesting girls wear black tights under their skirts.—[Guardian UK, Metro UK]

Repeat after us: What do we want? Short skirts! When do we want them? Now!