Rihanna And Chris Brown Take It To The Court Room

The preliminary hearing for the Chris Brown and Rihanna drama will take place today in a Los Angeles courtroom, to determine whether there’s enough evidence for the case to go to trial. Contrary to what all you “Law & Order” fans think, there are not usually any big, jaw-dropping surprises in court. Everyone involved usually has a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen. So, to save you from all the suspense, here’s what to expect. Rihanna is going to show up in court because she has to, according to the law. Although she isn’t required to testify, we are pretty sure she’s going to because her lawyers have been saying all along that she’s going to cooperate. Rihanna’s testimony will probably take about two hours and she’s going to be cross-examined by Chris’s lawyers. She’s expected to say the same things that are in the detective’s report—that Chris Brown punched her repeatedly, threatened to kill her, put her in a head lock, and bit her. However, the two won’t be talking about any previous physical fights, if they occurred, because that issue is off limits.

Rihanna’s testimony is pivotal. If Rihanna doesn’t seem credible, Chris’ charges will no doubt be reduced or dismissed. If she’s convincing and her argument is sound, Brown will probably try a plea bargain—he’ll plead guilty to a lesser charge or admit to the original charge, but ask for his sentence to be reduced. For Brown, the advantage of this is he’ll avoid a trial—good for him, because if the case goes to trial and he’s convicted of assault and making criminal threats, he could get four years and eight months in prison. Overall, experts say a trial is pretty unlikely.

If there isn’t enough evidence against jerkface Brown, I’m going to lose all faith in the judicial process. What do you think? [People]