“Magic Mint” The New New Drug Of Choice

Oh, oh it’s magic. Salvia divinorum or “Magic Mint” is the newest fad to hit the drug market. “Magic Mint” is a powerful hallucinogen used in Mexican Indian villages by Mazatec medicine men, but over the past few years, the plant has gone from holistic healthcare to high time for over 1.8 million Americans.
Ten countries, and 11 states in the US, have already nipped this trend in the bud (literally!), banning the Mexican cash crop from being imported and sold before more people experience visions and “intensely emotional” hallucinations that can be caused by the drug. Farmers in the Sierra Mazateca, where “shrooms” also originated, fear the US Drug Administration will pass a nationwide ban on the plant. Looks like its back to the less potent morning glory juice for an “alternative” experience. [USA Today]