Lip Venom And Other “New Moon” Product Tie-Ins We Hope They Make

Catherine Strawn | June 22, 2009 - 6:30 pm

The second movie in the Twilight Saga, “New Moon,” will be released Nov. 20, and it’s supposed to be bigger and better than “Twilight.” Since the first movie was such a huge success, companies are already coming up with product tie-ins related to Edward, Bella, and friends. DuWop, the makeup brand behind Lip Venom, will supposedly release a special Twilight branded line of makeup. But we think there are plenty of other products that could fly off shelves with the “Twilight” logo on their packages.

  • Werewolf Wax: Do you become extra furry when there’s a full moon in the sky? Have no fear, Werewolf Wax keeps you looking human for weeks!
  • Cullen Body Shine: When Edward and his fellow vamps come in contact with sunlight, their skin sparkles. Glitter doesn’t even come close to the beautiful, subtle sheen that Cullen Body Shine gives.
  • Blood-Filled Veggie Vamp Snacks: The Cullens are vegetarian vampires, but they each prefer to ingest a particular animal’s blood when they go hunting. These gummy candies come in grizzly bear, mountain lion, and other animal shapes that gush a red, sour liquid when bitten into.
  • Forks Self-Tanner: Forks, WA, doesn’t get much sunlight, so even non-vampires are pale beyond belief. Forks Self-Tanner can be used by both vampires and humans alike to enhance pasty coloring year round.
  • The BJ Motorcycle: In New Moon, Bella and Jacob get to know each other better by riding motorcycles. This limited-edition ride comes with rusty parts so you and your loved one can replace them together.