Lip Venom And Other “New Moon” Product Tie-Ins We Hope They Make

The second movie in the Twilight Saga, “New Moon,” will be released Nov. 20, and it’s supposed to be bigger and better than “Twilight.” Since the first movie was such a huge success, companies are already coming up with product tie-ins related to Edward, Bella, and friends. DuWop, the makeup brand behind Lip Venom, will supposedly release a special Twilight branded line of makeup. But we think there are plenty of other products that could fly off shelves with the “Twilight” logo on their packages.

  • Werewolf Wax: Do you become extra furry when there’s a full moon in the sky? Have no fear, Werewolf Wax keeps you looking human for weeks!
  • Cullen Body Shine: When Edward and his fellow vamps come in contact with sunlight, their skin sparkles. Glitter doesn’t even come close to the beautiful, subtle sheen that Cullen Body Shine gives.
  • Blood-Filled Veggie Vamp Snacks: The Cullens are vegetarian vampires, but they each prefer to ingest a particular animal’s blood when they go hunting. These gummy candies come in grizzly bear, mountain lion, and other animal shapes that gush a red, sour liquid when bitten into.
  • Forks Self-Tanner: Forks, WA, doesn’t get much sunlight, so even non-vampires are pale beyond belief. Forks Self-Tanner can be used by both vampires and humans alike to enhance pasty coloring year round.
  • The BJ Motorcycle: In New Moon, Bella and Jacob get to know each other better by riding motorcycles. This limited-edition ride comes with rusty parts so you and your loved one can replace them together.