Woman Discovers Fiance Is A Porn Star

Honesty is always the best policy… except when you lead a double life as a porn star. Haylie Hocking thought she knew everything about her fiancé, personal trainer Jason Brake. The 27-year-old bride was just weeks away from her wedding when she discovered Jason spent more time in the buff than getting buff. Haylie’s friend started searching online for a male stripper for the bachelorette party and came across a video of a man who seriously resembled Jason getting raunchy with another woman. Turns out, Jason was a porn star on the side, and wasn’t training people in the gym like he told Haylie. Not surprisingly, Haylie canceled the big day. Hey, nobody wants to introduce Mr. Porno as their husband, at least not without a little warning. [Telegraph]

Oh, but Haylie is not the only one to discover something shocking about her significant other. After the jump, other people whose jaws hit the floor when they found out the truth.

  • Finding out your man was in a porno is child’s play compared to what Laurie found out about her husband, John. The two met at Kent State University and dated since 1996. She dealt with his long hours looking at porn and talking in sex chat room. But then a guy he worked with needed a file off of John’s computer, and Laurie gave him the whole laptop. And it was discovered that John was making child pornography. Kind of the worst deal breaker we’ve ever heard. [Marie Claire]
  • 20-year-old Maureen was shocked when police came knocking on her door of her Belgium house, demanding to speak to her husband, Rachid. After much questioning, Maureen was told her husband was wanted for taking part in the Madrid train bombings that killed 200 people in 2004. Rachid was eventually found and convicted as a terrorist. Talk about a nasty secret. [Marie Claire]
  • On a lighter note, a Chinese man named Fu Shitou recently discovered that his wife, Wei Jinhua, was a man…after 3 years of marriage. Kind of a delayed response, but apparently the couple never had sex. Fu said he “just wanted someone to take care of [him].” Actually, Fu didn’t even make the discovery—Wei was strip-searched by the police and had to testify in court that she was actually male. Looks like Fu will have to be a big boy now and take care of himself. [The Sun]
  • Hopefully nothing this awful has happened to you. But everybody has a secret. What’s the best (or worst) thing you’ve ever found out about a significant other?