Ask The Astrosexologist: Does This Virgo Stand A Chance With Her Gemini Guy?

I’m a 21-year-old Virgo and this guy I’ve been seeing is a 21-year-old Gemini. Things have been good off and on since last November. We haven’t been exclusively dating because he wants to take things slowly and he just got out of an off/on again relationship with another Virgo. He warned me that he is pretty much a typical Gemini. We get along great and we communicate very well… when we want to. We both have a tendency to hide things, but these days things have been really open between the two of us. He and I broke up twice in the first three months of dating. (I dumped him the second time because he wanted to date other people.)Eventually, we started to hang out again. Back in April, things took a huge turn towards the better. He randomly started showing up at my place to surprise me with a movie and dinner. He calls and texts me throughout the day, and we hang out in public more. We started off as friends with benefits, but now it just feels like we’re more than that. I want to bring up the subject of us being exclusive, but I’m not sure if I should. He says that because he’s a Gemini, he falls out of liking someone randomly and doesn’t want to be in a relationship in case that happens with me. I think that’s a load of bull, but he’s a really quiet guy that doesn’t tell me things unless I’m direct and demand an answer. This is a touchy subject because he says he wants to remain my friend even though we might stop dating, but I am not a fan of the idea because I think we could stand a chance. We have a great time together and always make sure that we don’t see too much of each other because we both don’t like clingy people. Does this Virgo stand a chance with her Gemini or should she just call it quits? — Virgo Lady

Gemini boy is getting his cake and eating it too. He is using his astrological sign as an excuse and basically bullying you into doing what he wants, so you can pretend you aren’t in a relationship with him, when, really, you kind of are. This is going to catch up with you in time and when you realize you are holding the short end of the stick, be prepared for the fact that this guy won’t be taking any responsibility for your emotions, as this is how he set it up. He isn’t giving you what you ultimately want — a real commitment, as boyfriend and girlfriend. The fact is, you do like him and you do want to be around him more, but since he has used this fear tactic of saying he could fall out of love at any time, you’ve held back from truly being full-on in love and being who you would like to be in a relationship. Not good!

Sure, you can go on and let him do as he wants, coming and going and possibly doing whomever he wants — but it makes it hard for you to be honest with yourself too and for that, it’s time to rethink this whole plan. As it goes, Virgos do prefer being exclusive. Plus, you are the sign of the server, so this makes you want to give — but that shouldn’t mean letting him have his way, despite your needs, because when there is someone like a Gemini who just wants to take, it never ends up nicely for you. Of course you always have the free will to do whatever you wish — like staying and hoping that he will have some kind of miraculous awakening that makes him commit they way you want — but chances seem slim with all the facts presented.

In terms of your relationships, the good news is that a big change is coming at the end of October for Virgos, as Saturn, the planet of karma moves out of Virgo and lessens the load. This transit will help you have that breakthrough about understand what you truly deserve — knowing this gives you time now to work through the head-trip this guy is spinning around you and hopefully opening your eyes to better possibilities. By November, if you have made the best decisions for yourself, cosmically there should be a pleasant reward for your efforts, as in an opportunity for being in a position in your life where you are appreciated and you can be as open as you want to be about it.

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