Pawn Off Your Bling From Your Ex For Extra Cash

I have always been stumped about what to do with presents from exes. I have never been engaged so I haven’t had to deal with any seriously valuable or sentimental jewelry, but I have a couple of rocks that I just wasn’t sure what to do with. I think you should always offer to give presents of value back, that’s just the polite thing to do. But, if the dude says he wants you to have it, what else can a girl do but keep it? However, if the dude was a total bastard, then keeping the bling and booby-trapping his apartment is totally legit. Not that I have ever done that of course, just throwing the possibility out there…Anyway, I am not terribly sentimental, but sometimes (and I really do just mean sometimes as I look at my bracelet) a piece of jewelry reminds me of things I would much rather forget. But what do you do with that annoying Tiffany heart necklace? You can’t just throw it out? You could give it away, but it was so pricey it tugs my heart and wallet strings to get nothing in return. You could give it to a friend, but learn from my own personal awkward-Olympics experience, it’s really uncomfortable when you see her wearing what your dude gave you. Luckily for our repression, denial and wallets, Out Of Your is an easy way to pawn off gifts from your ex for cash.I gotta say, not only is the site legit, but it is pure class all the way. None of that sleazy and slightly criminal feeling you get from most pawn shops. The process is simple enough: send away for a free Break-Up Box, send your jewelry to the address on the box for an appraisal of the monetary value and within a week you will receive a check in the mail. Fabulous! Actually, the simplicity is not why I think this website is fantastic, which it is. What really impresses me is the websites empathy and consideration for those of us of the broken heart club. Out Of Your gives you ten days to change your minds and sends your jewelry back to you free of charge. They also understand that your ex might have been a grade-A cheapo and your “diamond necklace” is in reality less valuable that a candy necklace. Not only do you derive satisfaction from learning that your ex is indeed a loser, but Out Of Your will still send you a check for however much it is worth. The site can’t tell you how much he really valued you, but at least they can value his taste in jewelry.