Optimize Your Daily Dose Of Snail Secretion

Snail secretion…ew. If we at The Frisky did not feel a great responsibility to report every beauty secret we discover/investigate/stumble across, we would have left the snail dribble alone and kept down our lunches. Yet, sadly for my stomach, we take our beauty products seriously. I was prepared to laugh off snail secretion face creams as the cream of the bizarre beauty crop, but those pesky peeps at The International Society of Skin Pharmacology Journal wouldn’t let me. Oh yes, those evil scientists cackled evilly as they discovered the regenerative qualities of the snail slime and its beneficial facial effects. The gist of our slimy friend’s beauty success lies in the secretions ability to block out harmful environmental pollution. We might have speed, but we do not have slime that protects us from UV radiation. Luckily for humans (and not so luckily for snails), snail secretion not only protects human skin but has rejuvenating properties as well! To be honest, the article lost me when it started getting into snail immunology, but until my own mental powers failed me, the science sounded plausible enough. No one is claiming snail secretion will permanently solve all your epidermis worries, but if a snail secretion based cream is used daily, you should see improvements faster than at a snails pace. None of the products are drastically different, but because we are The Frisky, we found you the best of every category.

  1. Best Acne Buster: Fight signs of aging and acne with Crema Caracel. I am a little confused as to whether this cream is intended for your face, body or both. The acne fighting properties suggest a facial destination, but the label also fusses over its ability to reduce stretch marks which makes me think it ought to be slathered on the bod. My gut feeling is it’s fine for both, but if you have sensitive skin you may want to opt for one of the other options on the list. [$30, Crema Caracel, NaturalProducts.com]
  2. Best Designer Brand: Elicina Cream is the Prada of the snail secretion beauty world. It’s pricey, but the proof is in the pudding, or snail poop in this circumstance. [$60, Elicina, BohemiaStyle.com]
  3. Best Combo With Another Oddball Substance, Emu Oil: And you thought snail secretion was unusual. Nope, not nearly as unusual as snail secretion with emu oil. Frankly, I can’t figure out exactly why one would desire to rub emu oil into their face, but whatever floats your boat. The best I can tell is that emu oil is a decent moisturizer. At any rate, no one seems to find emu oil hazardous. If you are going to go the odd animal product route, you might as well do it fully. [$28.50, Emu Line, BohemiaStyle.com]
  4. Best Cream That Will Work Even If Snail Secretion Doesn’t: At the end of the day, though I think snail secretion works, it’s beneficial properties are not an absolute given. If you want to try out snail secretion with the guarantee that the product will at least do something good for your skin, then try a cream with other more traditional ingredients in the mix. [$50, Caraconat Cream, Migun]