Products That Promise Beach Hair In A Bottle

Uh, we don’t know what’s going on in your neck of the woods, but here in NYC the weather gods have decided to piss on our summer fun. Literally. It’s like living in London, except without all the fun double-decker buses and tea times. We’re not getting to the beach anytime soon and we’d cry ourselves a river over it were it not for these products that at least let us pretend that we’ve been happily bopping around the beach. Put the wavy surfer-girl look back into your locks with these aids. Apply to damp hair, scrunch with your fingers, and allow your hair to dry naturally. If you’re in a hurry, use a blow dryer with a diffuser, blowing hot air up into your locks.

  1. John Master’s Sea Mist is organic, using real sea salt in the mixture to get an authentic texture. [$15.95,]
  2. Kusco-Murphy Beach Hair gained fame for its use on Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. Bamboo and other natural ingredients work to produce volume, texture, and strength. [$35,]
  3. John Frieda’s Beach Blonde Ocean Waves spray is tough to find, which is a shame, because it’s one of the best products out there. The super strong texturizer uses sea water and oil for a feel that’s pretty darn close to the real thing. [$69,]