Celebrities Who’ve Been Ratted On By The Help

hogans 060209 g jpg
It’s hard to get good help these days. Or at least help who won’t air your dirty laundry in a courtroom. Unfortunately for Linda Hogan, all that chitchat with her hairdresser is biting her in the ass. Hogan’s ex-hairdresser, Tracy Morgan (no, not the comedian), testified in a Florida court yesterday saying the wrestler’s ex-wife told her she uses part of her $40,000 monthly alimony checks to buy drugs. Hogan’s drug cocktail of choice: smoking the gange and popping Roxi, a hard-core painkiller. Of course Hogan’s legal team has deemed the allegations “a complete fabrication.” [MSNBC]

But come on, what maid or guard or personal assistant isn’t taking notes on their celebrity boss’ secrets while they sweep the floor and watch the security cameras? Click on for more celebs whose help has spilled their beans.

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